Green Travel, Green Life

The safe, reliable and durable battery system which is designed according to the vehicle's standard

based on our cylindrical battery, apply to e-vehicles, low speed vehicles, tricycles, scooter, etc. 

*Worked with J Company,developed a battery system of 345.6V 700Ah for electric bus,exported to Finland, with better performance under low temperature
Clean Energy, Green Life

Use the large cylindrical batteries to access to power grid, it plays the roles of peak and frequency modulation,

narrow the price gap between peak-valley electricity price, reduce power grid’s load, enhance power grid’s security and stability.

Also suitable for energy storage at power grid side and user side based on it’s high safety & long cycle life.

*Co-operated with T Company,developed a battery system of 51.2V 100Ah/200Ah for tel-com base station,smooth output to ensure data security.
Green Ship, Enjoy the Colorful City View

Standardized battery system, IP67, high level of waterproof and dustproof, provide green, clean, safe and reliable

lithium battery system solutions for marine, apply to ruise ships, yachts, cargo ships and other fields.


*Worked with L Company,developed the power system of 332.8V 450Ah for e-cruise.
Green Energy in Every Corner of Your Life

Anti-explosion battery system is designed to meet the different usage requirement in different altitudes, air pressure,

damp heat and road conditions, suitable for tunnel, subway, mine, port, urban cleaning and other fields.


*Work with W Company,developed a power system for 5t~45t rail tractor for metro and mining vehicle